My Quarantine Routine/Day in my Life

Since being home for over a month, I feel like I've developed some sort of routine during this quarantine. Not everyday is the same and there are days when I wake up and feel like doing absolutely nothing, but I hope this serves as motivation on how to structure your days if you've been struggling… Continue reading My Quarantine Routine/Day in my Life

Weekly Wrapup

Some of you are probably waiting for an update on my Bon Appetit cookies. They sadly came out soo salty but the shape and size were perfect, so I'm gonna try to remake them again this week! Maybe tonight after the new episode of KUWTK. Here's a wrap up of my week: Luke Combs Six… Continue reading Weekly Wrapup

Current Beauty Product Wishlist

I had a totally different blogpost planned for today, but with all the assignments I had for school this week I didn't get to finish my original post. I also didn't want to leave you guys hanging since I've been really consistent at getting out my M-W-F posts. When it comes to makeup & skincare… Continue reading Current Beauty Product Wishlist

Must Shop Sales Right Now

Happy Monday!! Is it just me or does it feel like every online clothing store is having a sale right now! I'm a sucker for online shopping and usually have at least one clothing store tab open on my computer everyday. Being that I'm home now, I can spend hours scrolling through clothes on my… Continue reading Must Shop Sales Right Now

Weekly Wrapup

Another week of quarantine down and I have to say I think this has been my most productive week yet. I've been knocking out my to do list while also recognizing when I need some time during the day to just relax. Thursday's are my favorite because KUWTK (Keeping up with the Kardashians) comes on,… Continue reading Weekly Wrapup

Current Favorites | Quarantine Edition

Favorites posts are truly the posts I enjoy writing the most because they are my favorite to read on other blogs. I love hearing about why someone is obsessed with a certain product, service, restaurant or whatever it may be. Since being in quarantine, I haven't been doing much shopping or trying new products recently… Continue reading Current Favorites | Quarantine Edition

Weekend in Montréal

My friends and I decided it would be a fun to go to Montréal for the weekend since we go to school so close to the border. Our friend Jess' birthday was this past weekend so it was the perfect opportunity. Neish pictured below int he orange hoodie and Jess pictured in the middle came… Continue reading Weekend in Montréal

Weekend in New Paltz

I haven't been to New Paltz since I visited for a college tour back in 2015. I went for the weekend to visit one of my best friends Livia because she was in the spring production of Water by the Spoonful written by Quiara Alegria Hudes. I arrived in New Paltz at 8p.m. on Friday and… Continue reading Weekend in New Paltz

5 Tips for your College Spring Semester

I have exactly one week until the start of spring semester and I can't even explain how shocked I am that I am almost done with sophomore year. I remember move-in day of freshmen year like it was yesterday. I am so close to being halfway done with college and to be quite honest that scares… Continue reading 5 Tips for your College Spring Semester