Interview w/ Christie Garton and Gracie Schram

Hi my lovelies,
So recently I had an amazing opportunity to interview Christie Garton Founder of UChic and Gracie Schram a 16 year old Singer and Songwriter. I interviewed both these talented women to learn more about there Indiegogo UChic 1000 dreams Campaign.So here is what they had to say !

How and Why did you guys team up ?
Christie: “I actually was working with a company and when I was with them one day I saw a CD on one of their tables and it was Gracie’s. I asked the company who this girl was and how I could get in contact with her because I would love to meet her and work with her and that’s how we met and started working together.”
Gracie : “Once Christie contacted me,she was telling me about the campaign and I thought it was AWESOME ! I love that this campaign helps and inspires young women like myself to shoot for there dreams. I also love that it also helps girls financially.That is amazing so that way girls don’t have to stop believing in there dreams because they don’t have the money for it.”

What’s the goal of the campaign ?
Christie : “Our first round of scholarship goal is 27,000 dollars, to give our first round of girls their 1,000 dollars scholarship while also covering production cost for the laptop and tablet case.”

Questions just for Christie

How did you come up with this campaign ?
Me being a Entrepreneur for years now,I have done a lot like writing books helping girls who are in high school and college. This time I wanted to do the 1000 dreams campaign, to help high school and college girls with financial support in college.I also wanted to create a product that young women could buy to help fund the campaign and I thought a great idea would be a laptop and tablet case.I feel like its a cute and stylish product and it’s practical because almost everyone carry’s there laptop and or tablet with them everywhere. I also put it on the indiegogo platform because it cuts funding costs and we could also reach a wider audience.Who will stay with us not just through this campaign but many other projects as well.”
What is the selection process for the scholarship program ?
” The scholarship program application is actually launching next week and there are a lot of components. You have to do the application,personal essay,letter of recommendation and you also have to submit tax forms and other necessary government forms to prove that you are actually eligible for this scholarship.Also the quality of the application is key as well.”

Questions for Gracie

How long have you been performing ?
“I have been singing since I could talk, I started writing my own songs when I was 7 and made my first CD at 10.”

Who inspired you to start writing music ?
“I started writing my own music to express myself and stuff I have been through and also things my friends have been through.”
Can you tell us about any upcoming tours ?
“Well I am doing a Tour in Kansas City right now.I have been performing at a lot of awesome festivals. I am also doing a big show in October in Kansas City with Ingrid Michaelson.So I am super excited for that.”

I hope you guys liked this post make sure to check out the campaign and definitely help some awesome girls reach their dreams !
Uchic Website:
Gracie Schram’s Website :
UChic 1000 Dreams Campaign :

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