How to Make Mondays your Favorite Day of the Week

blogWake Up Earlier : I know what your thinking,there is no way that is happening, I totally understand your pain. I love my sleep as well but even if you just roll out of bed 5-10 minutes earlier it will really make a difference.I recommend the app sleep cycle , it’s an alarm clock app that analyzes your sleep, and wakes you in your lightest sleep phase.I have been using this app for a week now and I love it, it has reallyΒ been helping me wake up in the morning.

Have something exciting to look forward to : I have a very busy life, but everyday I try to give myself something to look forward to, it varies everyday from stopping by my favorite bodega to get their amazing fresh chocolate chip cookies or going shopping with some friends after school.

Make a to do list : I know for some people this is a given.But I know personally for some of my friends they hate Mondays, because they find themselves scrambling to figure out everything they have to do, for the rest of the week on Monday Night.A tip is to create your weekly to do list on Sunday night so your week goes smoothly and you feel ready to take on all your goals and tasks.

Get Outside: Yes and I mean even if it snowing or raining,but if there is a storm please stay inside. For me I love nature and even if it’s just taking a walk to go get dinner down the block.It’s really amazing to just connect with nature and just sit in the park for an hour and read a book or do some homework.

So that’s a wrap,What do you do to make your Monday’s awesome ?

Love ya,



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