GrapeVine NYC Mixer

This past weekend myself as well as some of my YouTube friends got invited to a Mixer for a sponsorship website called GrapeVine.It was a ton of fun I got to hangout with my best friends,I made new friends and the food was great.I swear I had like 15 cake pops. I love dressing up and going out so this was a good excuse to take lots of fun pictures.

Grape Vine Mixer 1
Just Casually Posing lol
GrapeVine Mixer 3
JumpSuit – Easy Pickins Pumps – Joe Fresh
GrapeVine Mixer 4
On the Red Carpet at the Event with my bestie Adyel
GrapeVine Mixer 2
Having to much fun with this YouTube cutout
GrapeVine Mixer 6
From left to right ( Alexandra,Me,Adyel) I love these girls to death, 3 musketeers

So thats a wrap, what do you guys have planned for this upcoming weekend ?

Love ya,



2 thoughts on “GrapeVine NYC Mixer

    1. It was a lot of fun ! I love her too I was so excited when I saw her lol. Thank you so much and thanks for following as well you’re awesome!

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