Pushing Through The Last Week of School

pushing through the last week of school

I end school in a week,and I can honestly say I couldn’t be happier. Junior year of high school is definitely  your hardest year academically, people are not lying when they say that. There has definitely been fun times, but also stressful times and before I got to high school I never could understand why some people drop out. Oh but boy do I understand that now ! Even though I am truthfully exhausted, and want stop doing work, I am not going to give up until I have to turn in my last assignment on June 15th.

Even though I have a week left I am still going to push myself to turn in all my assignments on times and give my 110% in all new assignments given to me. One thing that I have learned from high school is everything counts, you may not think it will change your grade that much, but it will. Your grade could be a 97 in a class now, and because you slacked off the last week of school and didn’t turn in assignments,  your grade drops to an 89. That is 8 points you gave away because you stopped caring.

Yes we all can taste summer but we are almost there, work hard this last week of school and don’t forget to study for your finals.  So that’s a wrap I hope this inspired you guys to keep working hard these last few days of school, you can do it.

Love ya.


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