My Job Promotion


If you guys didn’t know I work for Trend Magazine. Trend Magazine is the first magazine of it’s time, it celebrates content creators such as bloggers and youtubers. Bringing them together as a community of creative people. I have been working for Trend Magazine since September and quickly moving my way up to Special Projects Assistant on the Management Team back in March or April.

Now I can happily say I have received another promotion to Editorial Assistant . I am so honored and happy that I work for such a down to earth great magazine and I wouldn’t change it for the world. The June Issue of Trend Magazine is out it’s “The Weekend Edition”, Β the magazine is available on ibooks for iPad and Mac Users only. As well as a print copy you can order on the website, help support a great magazine.

So that’s Β a wrap what are your favorite magazine’s to read ?

Love ya,

Russia \

7 thoughts on “My Job Promotion

  1. I’ve never heard of trend magazine but I’m going to have to give it a peak! I love reading about bloggers and you tubers. They’re all such ambitious talented people! What a great concept and it’s so innovative since bloggers and you tubers are fastly becoming more than just internet celebs! Congrats on your promotion and I look forward to reading it😊

    1. I am so glad you love the concept and be sure to tell me what you think about the magazine ! Thanks so much !

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