TWO | The Perfect Day

Happy Hump Day Everyone ! Today is the second day of The Blog-tember challenge, and I am so glad I made it this far, seriously I am so bad at posting on here.

Today’s Prompt : Describe your ideal day. Where would you go and what would you do ?

my ideal day

I would start my ideal day with a large breakfast or most likely brunch because I definitely would sleep in. I think I would go to my new favorite brunch spot Sweet Chick on the lower east side. Next I would go to either a workout class like yoga or spinning, or even a morning workout with my fellow sisters of BBG. Following that I would go to my favorite fresh juice place Juice Generation in get my “hail to kale” green juice.

By this time I am pretty sure it would be the afternoon, so I would head to the beach. Most likely Coney Island because it is the easiest to get to for me and all of my friends.I feel like going to the beach with a big group of friends is just so fun. Trust me it will be your lucky day if you find me at the beach, with only one other person. I love Coney Island because the board walk is so much fun they have great food and tons of entertainment.

Lastly I would head home and get ready to go out into the city with my girls. If you didn’t grow up in NYC you probably wouldn’t know there are a lot of teen clubs. Yes like clubs adults go to just no alcohol, they are a lot of fun and Β but definitely not something I could do all the time. But when I want to dress up and turn up I sure will.

So I hope you all enjoyed reading about my perfect day I know it wasn’t that exciting, but at this time in my life this honestly would be very ideal . Make sure to leave a comment telling me your ideal day and check back tomorrow for blog-tember day 3.

4 thoughts on “TWO | The Perfect Day

  1. Enjoyed reading about your ideal day. That is the beauty of an ideal day – it is your day, so it’s not boring at all! We’re neighbors over at Bailey Jean’s link-up, so thought I’d pop on over!

    1. I am so glad you enjoyed my post and that’s very true your ideal is your day to just do what you want ! Yayy we are neighbors I am going to go check out your blog right now ! Thanks for leaving a comment πŸ™‚

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