As I was looking at today’s prompt this morning, I was really trying to narrow down what I was passionate about and it was becoming extremely difficult, so it made me realize that I am passionate about an array of things .

Today’s Prompt : What are you passionate about ?

passion quote

HEALTH / FITNESS – I take my health and fitness very seriously I try my best to eat the best I can and drink lots of water. As well as exercising regularly, yes I do indulge sometimes like yesterday I made chocolate chip cookies and they were delicious. I live a healthy lifestyle but I don’t deprive myself from what I want .

FAITH –  I have always grown up in a christian house hold, and saw at an early age what god could do for me, I was born two months early and 1 pound and 12 ounces. Most babies that are born at the size and pre-mature normally aren’t healthy but I was. As I got older God put me through tons of situations that helped me see his power and show me he is always in control. My faith is so important to me and it’s how I get through each and every day , god helps with every decision I make in life.

MY YOUTUBE/BLOG – I am passionate about both of my main platforms of creativity. My YouTube channel and blog are platforms over the years that made it possible for me to discover my self as a person and my creative side as well.

PLANNING- Aside from my obsession with planners, I also love planning events,parties and dinners. I love planning dinners for my friends birthday, it’s just so much fun creating the invite and figuring out location. This is exactly why I am majoring in PR in college.

I hope you all liked reading about what I am passionate about. What are you all passionate about.


8 thoughts on “FOUR | PASSION

  1. Hahahaha! This makes me laugh because I wrote almost the same exact thing at the top of my Day 4 post! And I’m actually in the process of designing my own planner because I’m so convinced planners solve everything and I just cannot find the one to fit what I need. Loved reading about you! =)

    1. Haha that is so funny, it really is so hard to narrow it down like I am content being passionate about a lot of things. You can design your own planner say what ?! I have wanted to do that for so long, I have a Lilly Pulitzer planner now and I love it but a personalized one is even better. I am so glad you loved reading my post .

      1. You sure can if you get creative enough! I’ve spent hours trying to find the right one or printables to mix-and-match. Nothin’. So now I get creative. I’m sure there will be a post about it sometime =)

      2. Wow that’s awesome I am definitely going to look into that ! I knew there were printables but I didn’t know some people actually made there own planner. I will definitely read your post on it once you do one ! =)

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