OMG Guys I have been so busy today I literally forgot about the blog-tember challenge ! I am so sorry this is going up so late. But I am so happy today’s post is about fashion because fashion is a huge part of my life. I love getting dressed every morning its honestly so fun too me but I do know a lot of people dread it. A Β hope you all take inspiration from this and find it helpful !

Today’s Prompt: Share your style

blog fashion collage

So as you all can tell I am a neutrals girl I usually wear little to no color. But I do have my days when my lilly dresses come out to play and I look like a different person all together.

My wardrobe staples are

  • Good Quality Leather Jacket
  • Boyfriend Jeans
  • Converse
  • Black Ankle Boots
  • Converse
  • Good Pair of well fitted skinny jeans
  • basic tees and tanks ( blue, white, grey, black, green)

I hope you all liked this post and it was helpful to you all. What is your style I would love to know and come back for tomorrow for another post !


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