So today is a beautiful Saturday a little chilly, great for a nice warm cup of coffee and a book.


Today’s Prompt: What are you up to currently ?

Reading… Paper Towns  by John Green 
Trying… to do my blog-tember prompts everyday ahh since school started it has been so hard I have missed two days already
Eating… Horrible Thank God for this 4 day weekend to get me back on track
Drinking…  Water,Tea and Lots of Coffee I have my first 8 am class and  oh boy is it tough
Texting… all of my lovely friends decided to make group chats this week, I am apart of two and my phone never stops buzzing
Going… On a College Tour next weekend !
Loving… my Lilly Pulitzer agenda for keeping me organized
Hating…  my acrylic nails they are making typing a chore
Feeling… Excited but anxious that senior year is here
Hoping (for)… God to help me make a lot of important decisions this year
Celebrating… My birthday this past Wednesday
Thanking…  My blog readers you all leave the most amazing comments.
Starting… Some of my homework assignments due tomorrow
Finishing… this week off nicely !



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