I think today might be my favorite prompt,  I am one of those nosey people that love seeing what is everyone else’s bag.  I feel like what people carry in there bag really displays who they are so In today’s post I will be sharing with you all what’s in my school bag for my senior year of high school.

Today’s Prompt: What’s in your bag ?

WIMB photo 7

The bag I carry is the  Longchamp Le Pliage Neo Large Tote

WIMB photo 2

WIMB photo 3

WIMB photo 5

WIMB photo 4

Bag Contents

  • Notebooks
  • Folders
  • Pens & Pencils
  • H&M Pencil Case
  • Paper Towns by John Green
  • Kate Spade Card Holder and Michael Kors Wallet
  • Lilly Pulitzer Agenda
  • Cosmetic Pouch

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