Today’s Prompt: A favorite quote/expression and how it has impacted your life.

There have been many quotes through out my life that I have come across, but most didn’t stick. But every since I can remember there is one quote that my mom has said to me everyday since I was little and it is “Everything happens for a reason”. Β She always reminded me Β that God is always in control and whatever happens in my life happens for a reason. Sometimes bad things will happen and you won’t know why God is putting me through this but as life goes on sometimes those answers get revealed.Β God will never put you through something he doesn’t believe you can get through.


I believe people should live by this quote because it has personally made me a happier person, as well as a more open minded person. When you remind yourself of this everyday, it will help you get through a lot of problems during that day that sometimes you don’t even realize is affecting you. For example, I live in NYC and one of the main problems New Yorkers complain about is the Subway. Every time my train is delayed or the train has stopped in the tunnel for a long amount of time and I feel the urge to complain. But now I say no “Everything happens for a reason” I remind myself that maybe God doesn’t want me to be there at that moment, and maybe he is saving you from something. This quote has especially taught me to just trust in the lord because he knows everything and not to get upset about things I can’t control. Because at the end of the day me complaining isn’t going to change anything.


  1. I am in the middle of making several life-changing decisions and I have been keeping this in the back of my mind! If God wants it to happen, he will make it happen πŸ™‚

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