Ohhh September how you came and went so fast , September has honestly taught me how fast time actually does go by. Before I know it,  I am going to be up on that stage in June getting my high school diploma.  So let’s now reflect on my goals for September lets just say, most of these goals definitely weren’t accomplished but I tried.


  1. Read 3 Books, this goal was very hard to achieve this month because most of my spare time was used completing homework and trying to finish my college apps.
  2. Complete the whole Blog-tember Challenge, I am allowing my self to cross off this goal because even though I didn’t complete the whole challenge I still did 20 out of the 30 posts, As well as posting 24 times.
  3. Visit 3 Colleges I am applying too, I didn’t visit 3 but I did visit one school SUNY New Paltz you can check out my post of my day trip up to the school.
  4. Finish all my College Writing Supplements and Applications, okay yeah this was kind of a fail I am almost done with most of them but this was kind of put on the back burner, because I had to adjust back into the routine of school.
  5. Actually Celebrate my 17th birthday,  I am crossing this off because I actually did get to hangout with a group of my best friends but we didn’t do anything spectacular.
  6. Take my first Soul Cycle class, this didn’t happen for two reasons one I was still adjusting to school and two I am still a bit nervous.

Okay so I got 3 out of 6 goals completed this month, I am very happy about that. I am going to continue prioritizing and making sure to get these done. Check back tomorrow for my October Goals  !


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