October Goals | 2015

Happy October 1st Everyone !! Yayyy now I feel like I can officially say its Fall, and Halloween is right around the corner. Okay so let’s just say I didn’t get to a lot of my goals but this month even though it’s my busiest month of the year yet. I am still going to put in the effort to accomplish these goals.


Go to Six Flags Fright FestΒ , my sister aka my best friend in the whole world wants to go for her birthday so I am praying this happens because I have always wanted to go ! πŸ™‚

Take my first Soul Cycle Class , yes I know this was a goal last month but I really want to do this so its going back on my goal list.

To continue posting regularly on my my blog , I am so proud that I posted 20+ post last month !

Start a Prayer Journal , to just continue to help me stay close to God because I feel sometimes when life gets busy and stressful, I sometimes put other things before taking time to spend with God and reading my bible.

Have a good volleyball season , I want to go back to our streak of 10-2 , 12-0 would be amazing too πŸ™‚

So those are my main goals for the month of October , I am hoping that these go better than last month and let me know in the comments what goals you guys have for this month !


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