My Favorite Brunch Places in NYC

So if you guys follow me on Instagram you would know that monthly brunches are apart of my life. I love waking up a little later on a Saturday and going to brunch around 12 its a perfect way to start a weekend and definitely a treat.


Westville ,  East Village

A great small brunch spot in the East Village of the city, very reasonable prices with amazing food. I recommend the baked challah bread French toast that is pictured above, it’s so fluffy yet still a bit dense. So it isn’t soggy if you put syrup on it,  also it’s topped with powdered sugar and strawberries like YES !


Sweet Chick , East Village

Another awesome place in the East Village that are famous for there chicken and waffles. That I obviously had to try and they really are so good. As well as an assortment of different butters they put on the table for the waffles. Like lemon butter,rosemary and another flavor that I just can’t seem to remember. They also have a really cozy themed restaurant and you won’t feel like you are in the city while in there.



Ovelia , Astoria

This amazing Greek restaurant in Astoria, Queens is a must see when in NYC. They have such a tasty and affordable brunch menu as well as being a healthier alternative if you live a healthy lifestyle but still want to go to brunch. I recommend there sandwich and salad brunch option because one it’s super tasty and definitely fills you up until a late lunch.

So those are my three go to brunch places,  but I am always down to try a new place to eat. Let me know in the comments what are your favorite places to go eat !


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