Beat that Holiday Bulge

holiday bulge

Tips on how to not gain those extra pounds during the holidays

We are all guilty of being tempted by the delicious holiday food, both Thanksgiving and Christmas back to back. All of us want to eat as much pie as we want, while still having that bikini body we worked so hard for. Trying to avoid that famous holiday bulge can be hard, but just changing up a few habits in your lifestyle can definitely make a difference.

Try out a new workout routine , when it comes to a workout routine you want to choose something that you can stick with, is challenging and you find fun. There are lots of workout challenges and programs out there but here are a few of my favorites. The Bikini Body Guide by Kayla Itines also known as BBG. BBG is a 12 week workout program, that consists of 3 workouts a week that includes legs,abs and arms. It is a great program if you want something that is long term and you have a pretty routine schedule. However if you are in a crunch for time, and can’t spend 30 minutes on a workout you should definitely check out Blogilates on YouTube. She has tons of videos like 5 minute toned arms and 3 minutes sleek and slim legs, which is great for that quick morning workout.

Working out is great, but if you already do that and still feel you get that holiday bulge try the raw or vegan version of your favorite holiday treats. FullyRawKristina on YouTube, has some of the most delicious and delectable raw and vegan treat recipes. One of my favorites is the pumpkin pie brownies,they are so rich and full of flavor yet way healthier than pumpkin pie. She also has a great healthy apple pie recipe that is just as good as the pumpkin pie brownies.

But lastly if all else fails moderation is key, just limit yourself to 2 treats a week and you will definitely see a big difference.

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