Wow I can’t believe November is here and we are already one week in ! The holidays are in full effect already trust you know it is once Target puts out their Christmas decor. November was a great month from Generation Beauty to Indoor Surfing Classes , however I am trying to make November even more memorable .

Now let’s move on to this month’s goals !!

November Goals

  1. Go to Hot Yoga at least 1x a week . Now that volleyball season is over there is no slacking when it comes to my workouts .
  2. Finish and Submit my college apps. A goal that has seen this list far to many times, however this month is the deadline for most of my schools so this is a top priority.
  3. Write in my Prayer Journal 2x a week. I think writing in my prayer journal will give me the chance to get out all of my feelings and aid me in expressing myself to God.
  4. Upload 2x a week on my YouTube Channel. I love YouTube but people don’t know the amount of time it takes to make one video, now since volleyball is over I have more time  so I am trying to dedicate more time to it.
  5. At least 2 Blog Post a week. I want to continue being consistent with blogging because I honestly love this platform.
  6. Prep and Make my own Advent calendar ! I have always wanted an advent calendar but I feel like the one’s you buy in stores are just to expensive and not personal enough. So this will be my big project of this month let’s see how it goes.

What are some of your goals for this month ? Let me know in the comments !


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