November Recap

November was a month full of amazing memories and lifestyle changes and it made me want to reflect on my monthly goals because I accomplished so much these past 30 days.

Favorite Memories 

So let’s start off with the beginning of the month, one of my best friends Sinead had a birthday dinner and of course I had to go. It was super chill, just like her and it was so great seeing and catching up with her. I barley get to see her, because of our conflicting schedules but when I do we always have a great time.


My volleyball coach was able to get our team tickets to the CUNY Women’s Championship.It was such a fun bonding time with my team and the game was so intense.


Favorite Food

As you guys know I am an undercover foodie, totally kidding but  I love trying new food places and here are two places that I tried this month and loved.


The first place is Dough, a cute doughnut shop in the flatiron district, which was named the best doughnut shop in all of New York. Now I have tried lots of doughnuts and I have to say that was the best doughnut I ever had.


The next place is Isabellas and amazing restaurant on the Upper West Side. I went here with a couple of my bbg sisters and the food was amazing. If you go get the smoked salmon scrambled eggs, it’s so good and very filling.

Favorite Fitness

This month I went a bit fitness crazy but I am happy to announce that I am officially a member . I am so happy about this because I knew once I stepped into my first class that, it was my new home. I also took my first Zumba class and hot yoga class and of course the November NYC BBG Meetup !



November Goals

  1. Go to Hot Yoga at least 1x a week . ( I was only able to go once this month)
  2. Finish and Submit my college apps. ( I officially finished all my college apps on 11/23/15)
  3. Write in my Prayer Journal 2x a week. ( I didn’t write a lot in my prayer journal but I did pray consistently so I am allowing myself to cross this off.
  4. Upload 2x a week on my YouTube Channel. ( This did not happen I only uploaded 3 times this month oops.
  5. At least 2 Blog Post a week. ( This also was a fail but I have a lot of fun plans for this blog in December).
  6. Prep and Make my own Advent calendar ! ( Since I am pre-writing this I still have 4 more days left of November and this is getting done.

Did you guys try anything new this month or even made a lifestyle change let me know in the comments !


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