Plaid and Stripes



New York’s weather has been so weird lately, first of all it’s still in the 50s and it’s December. So my outfits for the past 2 months have been pretty fall appropriate, in today’s post I am showing you guys how to mix prints without having the pieces clash. Mixing prints in fashion can be a very scary experiment, but with these tips you can look like a fashion guru. First, when nixing prints it’s best to stick with neutral colors. Such as white, black, grey, brown and or navy.


Trust me it will make things a lot easier, because sometimes bright colors and mixing prints just clash. You also want to make sure the two printed pieces have some overlapping colors. As you guys can see, both my striped shirt and my plaid shirt have the colors black and white in it. This tip definitely makes sure that the outfit looks coordinated and put together. Those are just a few tips for anyone wanting to experiment with mixing prints but isn’t sure where to start.

Plaid Shirt // Old Navy

Striped Long Sleeve Crop Top //

High Waisted Jeans // Urban Outfitters

Black Booties // Target

Watch // Michael Kors

All Photography done by Zayira Ray

Instagram : zay.ira

Website :Β


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