Nike Running Club

Happy Sunday Everyone ! Bright and early this morning, I got my butt out of bed to head to a Nike Running Club Event with my friend Kat and Alison ( btw Alison has an awesome fitness blog you should check it out). If you guys didn’t know Nike has events during the week at there stores like Ready Set Go Run , HIT, Morning Miles, Speed Run and many more. Today my friends and I went to the 10:04am Ready Set Go Run, which is pretty much an introduction to running and teaching you how to get your body ready both, mentally and physically.It was awesome learning about dynamic and static stretching as well as seeing how much my body adapted to running so fast. I don’t run, seriously so when my friend Kat asked if I wanted to come today I was scared but said why not I have nothing to lose and absolutely loved it. I ran almost 3 miles and it felt so great, it’s awesome to see what you are capable of if you just try. I definitely will be signing up for more runs , if you are interested make sure to go to to get more info.

IMG_4136From Left to Right ( Me, Kat and Alison)


If you ever wanted to see the behind the scenes of a mini blog photo shoot, here you go remember act natural haha , I love these girls !



Have you guys tried any new workouts lately that your loving leave a comment down below and let me know !!


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