Currently in February

If you guys didn’t know I absolutely love Bailey from Brave Love Blog and I think her Currently in posts are so fun and such a great way to check up on your goals and what you have been doing throughout the month. I have done two of these types of post before one in September and October, but not since then. I really want to start making these a monthly thing so let’s see if I can make that happen.

currently in

Reading… I have been trying to finish Paper Towns for like 5 months now and I am praying this is the month it actually happens
Playing… I have recently been learning some chords on the guitar in music class, so you never know maybe I will be able to play a song soon.
Watching… Bates Motel on Netflix, they just released season 3 and I am already obsessed
Trying… to find a part-time job, I never realized how hard it is until I started applying
Cooking… lots of vegan meals, I am trying to transition to 100% vegan by the end of the year.
Eating… besides eating lots of vegan meals and desserts, I also have found myself sometimes not eating that good and I am going to try to reset myself starting tomorrow
Drinking… water, I mean that’s what I drink the majority of the time.
Calling… a lot of friends I don’t get to see very often because of distance and conflicting schedules.
Texting… the editor-in-chief of the magazine I work for about emails to send out
Pinning… lots of things on backpacking in Europe, one of best friends Sinead and I decided we will be going backpacking the summer of 2018 and even though it’s far from now. I can’t tell you how excited I am !
Tweeting… about ideas for videos I have no idea what to film.
Going… no where as of the moment, the temperatures in NYC have been crazy this weekend, like I am not going out in 5 degree weather.
Loving…  BioOil , if you want to fade dark marks,acne scars or stretch marks go get your hands on this product. It is a bit pricey but definitely worth the money.
Discovering… my love for skincare and skincare products.
Thinking… about what videos I want to film for this week.
Feeling… excited and a little nervous about whats ahead, excluding this month  I only have 3 more months of high school. It feels like September as yesterday
Hoping … that some of my reach school college letters come this week.
Listening (to)… Mostly EDM (My spottify is Russia Boles) and Spotify’s Praise & Worship Playlist.
Celebrating… nothing as of right now, probably next month.
Smelling… nothing right now but I wish it was chocolate chip cookies.
Ordering… stuff off of because I have two gift cards and really want some face masks and my gov ball tickets !!
Thanking… god for 5 college acceptances already and many more to come.
Considering… trying this 24 hours with technology (phone,computer,ipad) I am a little scared because I am on my phone and laptop everyday, I am just hoping I don’t get withdrawal.
Starting… to try to incorporate more fitness and health related videos on my YouTube channel.
Finishing… posting all the clothes I want to sell on poshmark, you all should checkout my closet.

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