Organize & Declutter your Digital Space

I never realize, that decluttering your digital space makes such a huge difference in your organization and productivity . I recently started getting notifications saying I was running out of space on my phone. I was little confused because, I got this iPhone back in July and its 64GB. I could I even be close to using up 64GB, I mean I know I take a lot of pictures but how. So I started to look through my phone and realized I had over 4,000 photos. At that moment, was when I knew I needed to do a serious digital declutter. It took me 2 days to go through all my photos, but it was worth. So today I wanted to share with you all my experience and steps to get started with the process of digital organization and decluttering.



  1. Go through your photos on your phone. You won’t realize how many pictures on your phone aren’t even significant and are just things like screenshots of subway directions. Yes that was like 50% of the photos I deleted off my phone. If the picture doesn’t spark an awesome memory or mean something to you delete it just takes up space.
  2. Go through the apps on your phone. I can’t tell you how many apps I had on my phone that I never used.They just took up space on my phone that could be used for something else. Apps can be a tricky to organize depending on the type of phone you have but if you have an iPhone folder will be your best friend. Labeled folders, categorizing your apps will make things so much easier and help to make sure you don’t have pages on top of pages of apps.
  3. Unfollow accounts on your social media platforms that don’t inspire you. I know we have all done this before, we see someone follow us on Instagram or twitter and automatically follow back because we feel obligated to. If you don’t find that persons Instagram or twitter inspiring to you just unfollow them and fill your feed with images and words you love.
  4. Tackle your computer. This can be challenging because your computer can store way more then your phone. But to make this task less daunting do a different folder everyday. So start with pictures one day, and documents the next. It will make things a little less overwhelming and help you work more efficiently.
  5. Create efficient folders on your computer. Everyone is different what may work for me, may not work for you. So when creating folders make sure to create a system that works for your lifestyle . I hope that you all enjoyed this post and found it,helpful, I am currently on step 3 in this process and can’t wait to finish up my major organization and decluttering.

PS if you have any tips I didn’t share, post them in the comments so others can get even more information.


3 thoughts on “Organize & Declutter your Digital Space

  1. LOL this sound like me few days ago, when my phone said the same thing πŸ™‚ I can also suggest checking how much space FB takes on your phone. It definitely can add to the problem.

    1. Lol and wow I never thought about that I might just have to delete by Facebook. I mean I use it but not as much as Instagram so I doubt I will miss it.

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