March 2016 Goals

Happy Tuesday Everyone ! I hope everyone is having a great day and enjoying the nice weather. I know I seriously say this at the beginning of every single one of my monthly goals post, but seriously where did February go. Today I wanted to reflect on my past month as well as talk about my goals for March.

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February’s Goals Reflection

  1. Start buckling down on studying for my AP Government Test in May Oops this did not happen at all , I really need to make sure I pick up a review book this month because I need to score high on this test.
  2. Run 5 miles. This was also a fail, yet it wasn’t my fault the weather in February was crazy it would be sunny in the morning and then be windy and rainy at like 3pm. Along with that in the beginning of the month the weather hit single digits.
  3. Read 2 Books I am allowing myself because I finally finished Papertowns by John Green and I am insanely proud of myself,.
  4. Start going to Hot yoga 2x a week  I didn’t go 2x a week but I did go 2x this month to an actual studio so I am giving myself props. Usually I am lazy and just do yoga in my house.
  5. Get a part-time job. I didn’t get a job yet but I did go on an interview last week and should be getting a call next week if I get the job.
  6. Read my Devotional every morning. I didn’t read my devotional all that much this month and I am going to make it an effort to subscribe to an email devotional so I can read them on the subway on my way to school in the morning.
  7. Try to post everyday this month  I didn’t post everyday but I did post 2x a week so I am making baby steps.
  8. Complete at least 5 things on my 101 in 1001 list .  I completed 4 out of 5 things and I am so proud, make sure to check out my list to see what I have completed so far.


March’s Goals 

  1. Start studying for my AP Government Test. ( I actually have to start because the test is in 2 months and I want to do well on it)
  2. Go prom dress shopping. ( My prom is in 2 months and I have an idea on what I want to get, but I need to actually go try on dresses and pick a specific color and style)
  3. Post 3x a week. ( I was able to post twice a week last month so I know I can push myself to post 3x a week.)
  4. Go to soulcycle. ( I already have a day planned this month to go to Soulcycle with my amazing friend Zenia, I can’t wait.)
  5. Workout 5 times a week this month.( I really slacked with my workouts last month and want to make sure I work hard this month to get back on track.)
  6. Read 2 books. ( I already have two picked out It’s not what you think by Jefferson Bethke  and Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert )
  7. Get a part-time job. ( This is still on my list because I am really trying to get a job before the summer and most jobs start hiring around this time.)
  8. Declutter my computer digital space. ( I did a blog post about decluttering your digital space and I want to finish decluttering my computer to keep everything organized.

I can’t wait to get started on these goals and really push to have all of these checked off by the end of this month !

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