My First Soulcycle Experience

Last Monday a group of my bbg sisters and I went to Soulcycle. I have been wanting to go to soul-cycle for months now and I am so glad I finally built up the courage to go. I went to the Chelsea Location and instantly fell in love.Everyone at the front desk was so friendly and check- in was quick. Since it was my first time at Soul-cycle a lovely lady at the desk gave me a tour of the studio which was awesome. I took the 7:30pm class with Ariel which was Β Lady Gaga v. Sia themed. I never realized how big of an impact good music has on your workout until that class.It was hard to keep up at first but as the class went on I was getting the hang of it. I also loved that they incorporated hand weights which made it like a full body workout. I would definitely recommend Soul-cycle to anyone who is a fitness junkie or even a newbie.


IMG_4984 (1)IMG_4981

What to expect during your first Soul-cycle classΒ 

  1. You are going to get sweaty, really sweaty and maybe a little stinky
  2. You are going to go through a couple of stages when you are spinning the; THIS ISN’T EVEN THAT HARD, GET ME OFF THIS BIKE WHO SIGNED ME UP FOR THIS ,THIS ACTUALLY ISN’T THAT BAD, I WANT TO DO THIS AGAIN
  3. You are going to look forward to the water breaks
  4. There will be points where you are going so fast you feel like you might fall off your bike but don’t worry it wont happen


Overall I loved Soul-cycle so much and I can’t wait to go back. If you are looking for a high intensity workout with passionate instructors and great music I would definitely check it out.




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