College Series | Preparing Junior Year

Preparing for College your Junior Year of High School


So a few days ago I uploaded a video on my YouTube launching my new college series. As most of you know I am a senior in high school with only 2 more months of school and I am officially done with the college process. However I am still waiting to hear back from 2 schools. I wanted to start this series because Β I feel like it will be very helpful for my readers who are and or will go through the college process.

This is because I know not all of us have parents and or mentors to help guide us through this difficult process. It can be very stressful at times so I thought I would help you all through it.To start off this series I wanted to start with junior year and just break down everything by category, on what you should be doing in junior year to make your application very strong.

These tips are for junior year but you should be doing these things once you enter high school as a freshmen. This will make you an even stronger candidate in the college process because you will show consistency and growth.

Categories I talk about in this videoΒ 






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