Have Fun During Spring Break Without Going Broke

How to Have a Fun Spring Break

I know a lot of you are or will be on Spring Break in the next couple of weeks, since mine is coming up very soon I thought I would share with you all some fun and productive things you could do to keep your self occupied if you aren’t going on vacation.

Have fun during Spring Break

  1. Have a locals day. Visit some of the cute small businesses in your town or city  like boutiques, coffee shops and bookstores, you could even bring a few friends along.
  2. Try-out a fitness class. (Soul-cycle, Zumba, Surfset, Yoga, Orange Theory to name a few)
  3.  Go on a college road-trip. If you are a junior or senior in high school visit potential colleges or colleges you have been accepted too.
  4. Buy a cook-book and try out a few new recipes. One of my favorites is Thug Kitchen, a  book filled with funny and awesome vegan recipes.
  5. Have a potluck picnic with a group of friends, go outside and enjoy the warm weather with home-made food and you can even bring a volleyball, football and board games.
  6. Purge your closet and sell your old clothes online. My two favorite apps for this is Poshmark and Vinted, great way to get rid of old clothes and make so money from it.

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