April Goals

Russia's April 2016 Goals

I am very excited for the month of April, I will be traveling almost every weekend for college visits because on May 1st I have to make a decision on where I will be going this fall. Be on the look out for lots of travel photos and maybe even a college road trip video on my  YouTube channel.

Russia's April 2016 Goals

March Goals Reflection

  1. Start studying for my AP Government Test. ( I just got a book to help me study for my AP Gov Test that is now only a month away)
  2. Go prom dress shopping. ( I bought my prom dress earlier this month at Lord & Taylor, I can’t wait until June 3 so I can wear it’s gorgeous.
  3. Post 3x a week. ( This was a fail , however I am going to work on this in April by making sure to schedule my post.)
  4. Go to soulcycle. ( Yes it finally happened twice and I talked about my first ride  experience here, so make sure to check it out to hear my thoughts.)
  5. Workout 5 times a week this month.(I got back into my workout groove this month and I am insanely proud. )
  6. Read 2 books. ( I am allowing myself to check this off because I did finish one book which is Girl Boss by Sophia Amoruso)
  7. Get a part-time job. ( This is still on my list because I am really trying to get a job before the summer but it’s so hard, I have put in so many apps yet no one is calling me back.)
  8. Declutter my computer digital space. ( This didn’t happen and to be honest it was because of pure laziness , I am going to try again in April)

(Completed 5/8 goals I had in March)

April Goals

  1.  Go to a coffee shop once a week to do my work. ( I need a change in environment, so I am going to try going to a coffee shop to do my homework or write blog posts and see if it helps with my productivity.
  2. Read 2 books. ( I want to finish It’s Not What You Think by Jefferson Bethke and maybe read another self-help creative, thinking book.)
  3. Workout 5 times a week. ( I will be away almost every weekend in April, so I am going to try to make sure I get in all my workouts during the weekdays.)
  4. Declutter my computer. ( I need to delete and organize the folders on my computer as well as start storing my important documents and photos on my external hard drive.)
  5. Run 3 miles. ( Since it will be spring, the weather should be nice so I am going to  tryto incorporate running into my weekly workout)
  6. Incorporate more fashion on my blog . ( I love fashion so I thought it would be nice to start posting more ootd’s to my blog.
  7. Remodel my blog. ( I want to re-fresh my blog and add some personal touches to make it unique to me, so I will be working on that this month expect to see a few changes.)

I would love to hear some of your goals for this month, make sure to share it down below !

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