May 2016 Goals

I’m still shocked that I only have a month of high school left ! This has been a long journey and I can’t wait to see what college has in store for me. A lot is going on this month that I’m so excited to talk about. But you all are going to have to just wait to find out, if you want sneak peeks be sure to be following me on Twitter and Instagram.

May Goals Blog Photo

May Goals 

  1. Read 2 Books. Even though I know there is gonna be a lot going on in my life this month. I still want to make sure I get in some reading, to not only improve myself but also have an excuse to curl up and relax in my bed.
  2. Follow my Prom Workout Routine. As you guys know I regularly workout and try my best to eat as clean as possible.However prom is coming up in a month and I want to look the best I can so this month I am stepping up my workout game so that I am extra toned for June 3rd.
  3. Try the 24-hour Readathon. One of my favorite bloggers Bailey from Brave Love Blog did a 24-hour Readathon and she read 1,428 pages in 13hrs 17mins. I want to try this and really test my attention span.
  4. Do Caroline Williams Yoga. I just discovered her Instagram page the other day and saw that she had Yoga videos on YouTube, so I will be trying them out and letting you all how I feel about them.
  5. Consistently Read my Devotional. I’ve really been slacking with reading my bible and devotional and I want to make sure that I continue to remember to keep God first.

So that’s it for now, May is gonna be a great month and I am so excited to where it’s gonna take me ! Make sure to follow me over on @russiaboles to see what’s going on in my daily life and sneak peeks of my upcoming project.

What are some of your goals for this Month ?

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