How to Create a Workout Routine

Working out, I know a lot of you probably don’t like it however I love it and I want you all to love it just as much as I do so I decided  I would give you all some tips to creating a workout routine and sticking to it. Trust me it’s not that hard once you start and keep your self motivated.

How to Create a Fitness Routine

  1. Assess your workout goals and level // Do you want to lose weight ? Get stronger ? Tone up, get lean ? Figure out what you want to change before you go straight into working out.  This will help you pick what type of workout will be most effective for your goals. Next be honest with yourself and assess if you are at the beginner, intermediate or advanced level of working out. You don’t want to be doing workouts that are way to hard for you, start off small and work your way up.
  2. Pick a workout that you like and aligns with your level // If you’ve never worked out before and are saying to yourself “I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT I LIKE”.  Don’t worry I have a few tips that will help you with that problem. One check out Class-pass, Class-pass is a monthly membership program that lets you go to an unlimited amount of fitness classes each month in your city. They are in cities across the country and around the world.  However if you  are on a budget like me, check if your local Lululemon, Athleta or fitness shop gives free fitness classes. It will give you the experience of a fitness class with the price tag ! Now for picking a workout, if you like high intensity workouts I would recommend resistance training, HIIT or Spin. If you like slower pace workouts try Yoga or Pilates, make sure are always doing a workout that you like. If you are doing a workout that isn’t fun for you, you won’t stick to it.
  3. Create a workout calendar. You can create your own on excel calendar,Google sheets or find a cute printable calendar on Pinterest. (Here is a cute one I found) Hangout it up in your room, bring it with you to the gym or hang it up in your home gym your choice. Having a cute and colorful workout calendar will allow you to plan out your workouts for the month as well as keep you on track. You can also make a digital calendar on Google, which I love because it sends reminder notifications to my phone.
  4. Make sure to mix up your workouts.Like I previously stated, you want to do workouts that you like but you also want to mix it up. Keeping things interesting and enjoyable will make you a workout junkie for life . A lot of people say that they stop working out because it got boring and they hated doing the same thing everyday.
  5. Stay motivated and inspired. I would recommend following empowering Instagram accounts that will keep you motivated and inspired during the day  to get your workout done.

Check out these two lovely ladies for inspiration, Hannah Bronfman and Workoutbean ! Both are killing it in life and are some serious #girlbosses !

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