New NYC Fitness Class | Buddhaburn

If you live in NYC you know that there are always new fitness class popping up and being in a  big city there are hundreds of classes going on at once.This past Tuesday I went to a new NYC fitness class called Buddhaburn that was actually founded by one of my insta friends Christine Cody  and Jessica Rapp. Buddhaburn is a total body workout class that fuses HIIT with targeted Vinyasa Yoga.


I workout regularly and do mostly HIIT, Spin & Yoga so I wasn’t expecting to struggle through the class but ohh was I wrong. Buddhaburn was definitely a challenging workout, I had to stop and take breaks and at some points my legs felt like they were going to collapse under me. However I love those types of workouts ones that push me to my limits both mentally and physically.


In this moment I think I want to collapse on the ground HAHA


Still trying to figure out how we were smiling after such an intense workout. There are two Buddhaburn classes coming up this Tuesday May 17th one at 6:30 & 7:30pm. I will be at the 7:30 class so much sure to sign up here to sweat it out !

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