Having High Standards

I’ve been told by many people throughout my life that I have high standards and unrealistic expectations for people. I’ve been told that I need to lower my standards in order to have a sustainable relationship or friendship. It’s crazy that I actually decided to listen to what these people were telling me and I think that is my biggest regret of my life. I have gone through many experiences of people taking advantage of me and not truly putting in effort into our relationship causing me to question the whole situation. Does this person actually care for our friendship ? Am I expecting to much ? Maybe I’m doing something wrong ? I feel like a lot of times we often blame ourselves for others actions. I think that I am overall a nice person and give people the benefit of the doubt a lot. Recently I have reevlauted my standards and went back to my old ways of having high standards.


I want all my readers to know to never apologize for having high standards. These last few months I have really seen the true colors of a lot of people. I have cut people off and lost a few friends. Its been hard to cut people off that at one point I actually cared about and loved but not everyone is suppose to be in your life forever. Remember those who truly love & care for you as much as you do for them will rise up to meet your standards. You should never be okay with being mistreated. It’s hard to let people go, trust me I know its awkward but if you feel like someone isn’t improving your life you have to let them go.

While writing this blog post I am getting a little emotional because this topic really hits home for me.  It’s like  a burden lifted off my shoulders and something that I have wanted to write out and talk about for so long. I have made some amazing friends this year though that bring me so much joy and have  made me a much happier & motivated  person.I hope you guys enjoyed this post and have a great Tuesday !!


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