May NYC BBG Meetup 2016

WOW GUYS ! I just realized I haven’t done a BBG Meetup Recap since December, so I’m so happy to be bringing you all a recap of yesterdays meetup.As most of you know the meetup starts bright & early at 7:30am, yesterday I was really struggling to get out of bed but I did it ! Lately I haven’t been going to sleep as early as I would like too so my sleep schedule is all messed up.May NYC BBG Meetup - Kayla Itines

Once I got to the meetup I chatted to a few friends strapped on my ankle weights and killed that workout. I definitely have to say, that was one of the hardest meetup workouts I’ve ever done. But I think the ankle weights, was what really added to the intensity it definitely added a challenge and made some of the more simple moves challenging. Anyone into fitness and looking for a challenge go get ankle weights they will change your life. Another good thing about ankle weights is that they double as wrist weights for arm day. Both myself and my two awesome friends Sam (left) & Chrissy (middle) all wore ankle weights during the workout !

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

I also got to hangout and meet a whole bunch of awesome insta friends that I have been talking to online for months. Its honestly so surreal when you can meet online friends in real life and its crazy to think that almost everyone that was in the room met through instagram ! I got to meet these cuties from @amsweat on instagram , these ladies are so sweet and have incredible athleisure style. Some people are doubting it, but Athleisure is a style and these two are absolutely killing it ! I need to step up my game, because like 9/10 my workout outfits don’t even match !! HAHA

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Me, Nessa (left) and Caroline (right)


After the killer workout and tons of photos, I got back on the subway to go home !! I had such Β a great time at the meetup yesterday and it definitely started my Sunday off on the right foot. Next month Kayla is coming for her NYC Bootcamp who will I see there ?!

Check out my last BBG Meetup Recap !

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