Trend Magazine Kickstarter Campaign

Wow the day has finally come, with weeks and weeks of planning and countless meetings. The Trend Magazine Kickstarter Campaign has officially launched, I can’t believe this August Trend will be approaching it’s 2 year anniversary. I’ve been working at Trend since the start and has seen it evolve into what it is today.


” Trend is more than just another magazine you put on your coffee table. It’s first hand stories, relatable content and little to no filter gives readers a constant, fresh sense of inspiration. After founding Trend Magazine I wouldn’t wake up doing anything else.” – Lauren Taylor – Founder, Editor-in-Chief

Trend Magazine is a quarterly publication that celebrates the creative voice & story. We want our readers to feel a special connection with Trend by inspiring them to pursue their dreams and read relatable content. After publishing Trend online and in print for two years, we’ve taken it as far as we can on our own.


Using Kickstarter is an invitation for our readers to collaborate with us and the creatives that we support. Our Kickstarter goal is $5000 dollars and I am more then confident that we will meet it. But we are going to need all your help to reach this goal by the end of June, Make sure to go on our website and sign up for the newsletter for more updates as our Kickstarter goes on through out the month of June.Make sure to share & post about our campaign everywhere we want the whole country talking about it. Also if you want to know How Trend changed my life & Built Me into the Person I am Today check this out.

 Trend Magazine’s Kickstarter Campaign 

Follow along on the Journey 

Instagram – @allthingstrend 

Website –

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