Weekend Photo Diary | June 2016

What a kick off to Summer, this past weekend was very eventful I had so much fun. I got to hangout with a lot of amazing friends and try a restaurant I’ve been dying to go to. I’m writing this on the first official day of Summer Β I’m so excited to live it up before I leave for college in August.Also Happy National Wear Your Lilly Day !!

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Β Friday // This past weekend started with an awesome picnic in the park with one of my best friends Sinead. If you’ve been reading for a while you would know she is one of my oldest friends 8 years and counting !! I don’t get to see her to often because of our conflicting schedules but now that summer is here both of us are a lot less busy.

IMG_6814IMG_6825My favorite filter on Snapchat I mean come on how cute is this, especially since they made two dogs now !


Sinead also brought her Polaroid camera to the park and we were just having so much fun with it ! How cute is this neon film, I was obssessed with this polaroid of myself and I took as many pictures of it as I could !!


Later that night my best friend Tenin and I went to Black Tap for dinner. If you don’t know what Black Tap is its the NYC restaurant with the insane Milkshakes and it was delicious. The food was good and the milkshake was amazing, however it did give me the worst sugar rush I’ve ever had in my life so drink it slow.


Saturday // I few friends and I headed out to Long Island for the day to our friend Melissa’s house for a pool party. I had so much fun swimming, lots of amazing food seriously lunch was so good turkey chipotle burgers with grilled corn, quinoa salad and grilled vegetables. What can be better then that on a day spent by the pool.

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Saturday I also learned that there are certain bathing suits made strictly for tanning and that this blue bandeau was one of them. HAHA had a little bikini mishap !


Melissa’s Homemade Icecream Sandwiches were to die for. She is a baker and actually takes orders so check out her instagram @startedfromthebatter . These were her famous chocolate sugar cookies with vanilla salted caramel ice cream.

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Lastly we ended the night with s’mores, if you know me then you know that s’mores are one of my favorite things. I haven’t had a s’more since working at the sleepaway camp I use to go to 2 years ago. So this was a long awaited treat, also does anyone else like to have there marshmallow super burnt. It just taste so good like that !


Sunday// I took my first Aquacycling class, I was on the waiting list for this free class for over a month and they emailed me Saturday afternoon saying I was put in the class. I was beyond excited because I love cycling and I’ve heard so many awesome things about aquacycling. I liked it and I’m so glad I got to try it out, it was definitely different from regular cycling so I will have to get use to it.


So that’s a wrap for my weekend, it was very eventful with lots of great memories and a great kick off to summer. Did you guys do anything fun this weekend ? Let me know I love connecting with you guys !

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