Update : Where have I been ?



I know, I know I’ve been gone for a while. I felt like since I’ve been gone for so long you guys deserved an explanation. Well as most of you know I had prom & graduation last month and things got super busy. These last few weeks I not only took a break from blogging but YouTube as well. I took time off to really get to spend quality time with my friends, go out and have a great time.I needed to take a step back and really love and appreciate the people that keep me sane.

I felt like it was important for me to take this time off because sometimes my blog & YouTube channel can consume my life. I’m working on trying to find a balance but it can be hard when you’re truly passionate about something. Β I’m glad I took this time off because it was so amazing and I wouldn’t have traded for the world.These past few weeks have been so much fun and I’ve made so many amazing and funny memories with my friends.I still have a month & a half of summer and I can’t wait to see what it has in store.Β I’m so happy to be back on my blogging & YouTube game and have some awesome content planned for you guys.

blog ending


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