I finally have a roommate !


I think the most nerve racking thing a lot of us think about before we start college is our roommate. I’ve heard horror stories from family members and YouTubers that I was praying I found a roommate before move in day and I wasn’t in for a surprise. Β I’ve been looking for a roommate since I committed to SUNY Plattsburgh in April and boy was it hard. I went through my fair share of potential roommates, but everyone that I talked to I just didn’t vibe well with. I have this thing that if conversation between me & someone I just met doesn’t flow authentically or we don’t have anything in common I know its not gonna work out. However after 4 months of looking, I finally found a roommate. I’m beyond excited because college is slowly but surely feeling more & more real and we are even talking about who is gonna bring what for the room. We have so much in common and both are on the same level with expectations for each other.

I also met up with two girls I met on my schools Groupme groupchat back in April Elle & Chrissy. We met up in the city to shop, eat and explore and I had a ton of fun.Good vibes all Β aroundit was so awesome getting to know them. I can’t wait for this new chapter in my life, I move in to my dorm in 6 weeks and even though I don’t want summer to end because its been so much fun. I also am so excited for the amazing memories I’m gonna make in college. LETS DO THIS PSU 2020 !!


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