Reflection First Semester of College

Long time no speak everyone, I’ve been gone for 4 months and I still can’t believe I actually survived my first semester of college. I wanted to do a reflection on my first semester because I learned so much about myself as well as life and wanted to share them with you all. The first semester of college for me was the most overwhelming time I have experienced in my life so far. Not only was I trying to adjust to a new environment way different from where I’m from, issues in my personal life started to arise which didn’t add to it. However I absolutely love college so much and how much it teaches you in so little time.


Homesickness / Ohhh homesickness, the feeling I didn’t think I would actually experience. I’ve gone to sleep away camp my whole life, so going away to college I didn’t think I would get home sick because I never did before. After my mom left for move in day I wasn’t sad, however that homesickness hit me so hard around the 2nd or 3rd day. It was a feeling that was hard to explain it was the emotions of being in a new environment, not knowing anyone and really missing my mom. It took me until about October to fully get over my homesickness but it’s okay. Most people go through it so don’t feel bad if you’re still feeling homesick as well.

Course Load / Wow okay so when I was asking some of my friends who are already in school last year how the college course load was all of the told me it was a lot. Now me being me I wanted to see this for myself and ohh boy no one was lying. The college course load is no joke, you get a lot more work than high school and if you don’t know how to study before you get to school. You’re gonna learn very quickly because studying becomes apart of your daily life. However you have a lot more time in college so if you have time management skills you will find time for extracurricular activities.


Independence / I love how independent you are in college. You are ultimately in charge of your own outcome because there is no one there to tell you what to do or when to do it. You do almost everything on your own from deciding when to eat to doing your own laundry. You decide what you want to do each day and how to space out your priorities.

Girl Gang / Wow Curly Gang ! If you follow me on Snapchat you would know all about my girl gang. If it wasn’t for these girls I honestly would not have survived my first semester. We have all been supportive of each other through thick and thin and are always pushing each other to be the best possible version of ourselves.I appreciate them so much and I can’t wait to  kill it in the spring semester with those lovely girls by my side.



Those are just a few things I learned my first semester and I can’t wait to see what the spring semester has in store for me. It’s gonna be a lot of fun and I can’t wait to make even more memories.

If you’re in college, how was your fall semester ?



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