Journal One | Sophomore Year

4:33p.m. Thursday Afternoon, September 7th  – I decided I wanted to start doing “Journal Style” entries on my blog. Journaling has always been a part of my self-care routine because I love to talk and if I can’t express my feelings through talking, I have to express it through writing. We are approaching the end of the 2nd week of Sophomore year and I’ve cried twice but what’s new.  My classes have been great so far I am taking  Web Design & Production, Stats…again, Gender & Women’s Studies, US National Politics and News Writing. I can honestly say this semester I actually enjoy sitting in each one of my classes. My main focus this semester is to increase my GPA. I made it a goal to get a 3.5 or better and I will not stop grinding until it happens. I am taking News Writing with one of my close friends Nyela, and I love it, it’s always nice to have a friend in a class. All last week was so stressful for me because once freshmen year is over you don’t really get a syllabus week.

So I was doing full blown work the first week. However I’ve been studying so much and can definitely say it has paid off. The first week was extra stressful because I had to get  things finalized for events the club I am president of were doing that weekend. Needless to say the first week was hectic however I still managed to workout, eat right and turn in all my assignments on time so that’s a plus.

So it sounds like for the most part things are going great and yeah I can’t lie.  I have definitely been enjoying this year better then last year. However there has also been some unnecessary bs drama and I am trying to be stress free so I am gonna stay away from it. I also joined the Women’s lacrosse club and we are all hanging out tomorrow night at one the girls apartments so I am excited about that. My birthday is Saturday so I am excited to finally turn 19 ! Wow my last year being a teenager.

That’s it for this journal, I am not sure if I wanna do these every week or bi-weekly we’ll see. Whoever made it to the end thanks for reading.


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