Journal Three | Fall Break 2017



6.24p.m. Sunday Evening, October 8th, Right now I am home on Fall Break. I started off my break on Thursday afternoon in the car with a few friends driving back to the city. It was a nice, smooth ride and it didn’t feel to long because I was asleep for most of it. I came home and surprised my mom but I actually ended up scaring her so I’m not gonna try that again.

I’ve really been enjoying my time at home. I haven’t really left the house but I have been spending a lot of time studying and getting ahead on my school work as well as spending quality time with my mom. I am currently watching a Halloween movie while I write this blog post and I feel so content. I never have time to  sit down and watch movies while I am at school.

I am starting a productivity challenge tomorrow. I follow a studygram/studyblr called EmmaStudies and she is starting this challenge tomorrow to improve her productivity habits. I thought since midterm grades are about to come out and this semester is going by so quickly. That it would be great if I just keep grinding these last few weeks, to make sure I end with the GPA that I want. I think this will be a fun challenge to do,so to follow along on my journey make sure to follow me on Instagram.

That’s it for now ! I am starting a new blog schedule Monday,Wednesday and Friday posts. I also will be putting up more blog posts occasionally if I have time. I also decided to make a new video schedule for my YouTube Channel, so I will be uploading every Monday & Friday.


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