Journal 4 | Life is getting better



5:08p.m. Sunday Evening, October 29th, Wow I can honestly say that this week, has been one of the best weeks of my Sophomore Year. If you’ve read my previous journal posts, this semester has been rough for me mentally and for the first time. Like feels like it’s getting better, I am focusing on myself more, praying and spending time with people I love.

Nothing spectacular or monumental happened it was just a calm,productive week. I am praying that the rest of the semester goes like this. It’s halloweekend and the students that go to my school are some creative people. A lot of people were dressed up as things I would have never thought to actually make a costume.

This is a short post, but it was more of just a life update to see what I’ve been up to. I got around to filming to videos last week , so I will link them. It felt great to film and upload again and I am trying to make my uploads more consistent.





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