Journal 4 | Life is getting better



5:08p.m. Sunday Evening, October 29th, Wow I can honestly say that this week, has been one of the best weeks of my Sophomore Year. If you’ve read my previous journal posts, this semester has been rough for me mentally and for the first time. Like feels like it’s getting better, I am focusing on myself more, praying and spending time with people I love.

Nothing spectacular or monumental happened it was just a calm,productive week. I am praying that the rest of the semester goes like this. It’s halloweekend and the students that go to my school are some creative people. A lot of people were dressed up as things I would have never thought to actually make a costume.

This is a short post, but it was more of just a life update to see what I’ve been up to. I got around to filming to videos last week , so I will link them. It felt great to film and upload again and I am trying to make my uploads more consistent.





Journal Three | Fall Break 2017



6.24p.m. Sunday Evening, October 8th, Right now I am home on Fall Break. I started off my break on Thursday afternoon in the car with a few friends driving back to the city. It was a nice, smooth ride and it didn’t feel to long because I was asleep for most of it. I came home and surprised my mom but I actually ended up scaring her so I’m not gonna try that again.

I’ve really been enjoying my time at home. I haven’t really left the house but I have been spending a lot of time studying and getting ahead on my school work as well as spending quality time with my mom. I am currently watching a Halloween movie while I write this blog post and I feel so content. I never have time to  sit down and watch movies while I am at school.

I am starting a productivity challenge tomorrow. I follow a studygram/studyblr called EmmaStudies and she is starting this challenge tomorrow to improve her productivity habits. I thought since midterm grades are about to come out and this semester is going by so quickly. That it would be great if I just keep grinding these last few weeks, to make sure I end with the GPA that I want. I think this will be a fun challenge to do,so to follow along on my journey make sure to follow me on Instagram.

That’s it for now ! I am starting a new blog schedule Monday,Wednesday and Friday posts. I also will be putting up more blog posts occasionally if I have time. I also decided to make a new video schedule for my YouTube Channel, so I will be uploading every Monday & Friday.

Apple Picking at Banker Orchards

Last weekend, a few friends and I decided to go apple picking and to pick up some apple cider doughnuts !! MY FAVORITE !! I bought a dozen and started eating them right away ! Haha

We had a fun and chill day even though the Orchard wasn’t as big as we had hoped.  I had to bring my camera to snap some photos of my friends and I,  but also because I wanted to document our adventure.

Russia 1

Russia 2

I love the outfit that I wore to the Orchards, I found this light brown and navy striped long sleeve at Uniqlo this summer and I knew I needed to buy it for the upcoming season.

Russia 3

I purchased this blue vest on sale at the end of August and I’ve been dying to wear it ! It’s so lightweight and a great layering piece.


Russia 5

I love these riding boots for the fall. I got them a few years back so I may not be able to find the exact ones. These were great shoes for walking on top of fallen apple and the tall grass.





Fall 2017 Bucket List

The first day of Fall was 4 days ago and where I go to school in Upstate New York it doesn’t feel anything like my second favorite season. It has been humid the past two weeks and usually by now the temperature would have started to drop.


Fall is one of my favorite seasons from the weather to the fashion, I am so ready for the sweater weather ! I also barley brought any summer clothes with me to college, HAHA!  Which has been making it hard to wear 90% of my wardrobe. Today I thought it would be fun to share with you all my Fall 2017 Bucket List.

  1. Apple Picking
  2. Camping
  3. Fall Foliage Hike
  4. Make or just simply eat apple cider donuts
  5. Sunrise Hike
  6. Go to a bonfire and eat s’mores
  7. Travel to Vermont
  8. Make a Fall-inspired dinner with Friends

I hope you all enjoyed reading some of the things I would love to do this fall ! Let me know some fun things on your Fall 2017 Bucket List !


Journal Two | Weekend in Lake Placid

11:45a.m. Thursday Morning, September 21st, Today has been a great day so far and I think so because I had a great weekend . Saturday my friend Deja and I went to Lake Placid to go to the GAP Outlet. I really wanted to get off campus for the weekend and was such an amazing day. The drive there and back was absolutely beautiful, we were surrounded by so much fall foliage and incredible mountains.


There is so much to do in Lake Placid, from visiting the Olympics site,Whiteface Mountain, Kayaking, SUP and amazing desserts. We went to Emma’s Creamery and had amazing ice cream. I had the peanut butter cookie dough flavor and I’ve never had anything like it ! It was delicious !


Small towns have the best ice cream !



I thought this place was so cute, it reminded me of  a mini Chelsea Market !! Deja and I ended up eating an early dinner at one of the restaurants called Eleanor’s Pasta Kitchen. It was delicious, and just the right amount of food.


Overall, last Saturday was a lot of fun and super chill. I love Saturdays  where I can spend it relaxing and leisurely . Being the President of a Club and a Student-Athlete having weekends free is rarely the case, so I truly appreciated this little adventure. I can’t wait to go back to Lake Placid during the winter, because I know it’s gonna be even more beautiful.

Journal One | Sophomore Year

4:33p.m. Thursday Afternoon, September 7th  – I decided I wanted to start doing “Journal Style” entries on my blog. Journaling has always been a part of my self-care routine because I love to talk and if I can’t express my feelings through talking, I have to express it through writing. We are approaching the end of the 2nd week of Sophomore year and I’ve cried twice but what’s new.  My classes have been great so far I am taking  Web Design & Production, Stats…again, Gender & Women’s Studies, US National Politics and News Writing. I can honestly say this semester I actually enjoy sitting in each one of my classes. My main focus this semester is to increase my GPA. I made it a goal to get a 3.5 or better and I will not stop grinding until it happens. I am taking News Writing with one of my close friends Nyela, and I love it, it’s always nice to have a friend in a class. All last week was so stressful for me because once freshmen year is over you don’t really get a syllabus week.

So I was doing full blown work the first week. However I’ve been studying so much and can definitely say it has paid off. The first week was extra stressful because I had to get  things finalized for events the club I am president of were doing that weekend. Needless to say the first week was hectic however I still managed to workout, eat right and turn in all my assignments on time so that’s a plus.

So it sounds like for the most part things are going great and yeah I can’t lie.  I have definitely been enjoying this year better then last year. However there has also been some unnecessary bs drama and I am trying to be stress free so I am gonna stay away from it. I also joined the Women’s lacrosse club and we are all hanging out tomorrow night at one the girls apartments so I am excited about that. My birthday is Saturday so I am excited to finally turn 19 ! Wow my last year being a teenager.

That’s it for this journal, I am not sure if I wanna do these every week or bi-weekly we’ll see. Whoever made it to the end thanks for reading.

Weekly Wrapup

Happy Friday !! This week has been a pretty chill week because my last day of work was Monday and I have been able to relax and sleep in everyday this week. Literally today I slept until 11a.m. and I really wasn’t going to, but I thought, “Hey in a week you are going to have to to wake up at 7 almost everyday”, so I decided to take advantage of my own bed at home.

Here’s what I’ve been loving/doing this week :

Podcast & Sermons | I recently got into podcast, being that I spend most mornings/afternoons on my computer doing internship work,writing blog posts, editing photos,editing videos etc. I’ve been getting sick of my music playlist and I wanted to hear something different. I decided to browse through some podcast on my phone and I have really been enjoying the She Explores Podcast it’s described as “A podcast for and about women who are inspired by time spent outside”  Inquisitive women in the outdoors,on the road, and besides.”

Recently I have been listening to The Porch sermons online which is a Young Adults Ministry based out of Texas. I love their series called Bad Advice it has taught me so much in such a small amount of time and I’m sad it’s coming to an end but I know the new series is gonna be amazing. Since I like to listen to a sermon everyday I also listen to Joel Olsteen, I love that he puts up a new podcast everyday and I love the way he preaches. I’ve grown up with him in my household because my mom watches his sermons every Sunday and has been doing this since I was little.

Dinner with Coworkers | Wednesday night I went out too dinner with a few coworkers and I had such a fun night. I remember saying to myself when I started my Summer Job, I am here to make money not friends. Yes I know that sounds so mean and looking back it was, these people made working in retail not so bad. I’m gonna miss them when I’m away at school but I know I will seem them when I come back for the Winter.

Essential Oils | I’ve been a lover of essential oils for a while, but recently I’ve been doing a lot of research on them and definitely have a few I want to splurge on. I try to burn one every night it really relaxes me and helps me sleep.

So that’s it for my week what have you all been up to ?

Current Skincare Favorites

I’m all for the saying, Skincare first, Makeup second. I think it is so important to take care of your skin because the better your skin, the better your makeup application. So today I will be sharing with you all some of my Skincare Faves. I also wanted to mention that your skins appearance doesn’t just have to do with the topical products you put on it. It also has to do with your physical health, organ function and what you are putting into your body.

“Skin Care first, Makeup second”

Skincare Favorites


Mario Badescu | Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs & Rosewater : I love this product so much and I’m not even gonna lie, I was really skeptical to buy this because in all honesty I feel like sometimes people over-hype a lot of products. However I’ve been loving this facial spray I use it at the beach to cool down my face, I use it as a primer & setting spray and I also just sometimes randomly spray my face with it because it smells so good. I love this spray because I feel like it gives your skin a healthy everyday glow.

Trader Joe’s | Vitamin E Oil : If you are trying to fade dark marks/acne scars, look no further. I’ve struggled with acne scars since I got my first set of pimples in 6th grade, so trust me I definitely know which products are legit and which ones aren’t. Trust me a lot of those $70 dollar products don’t do anything. Vitamin E oil is great for helping these scars heal quicker and reduce visibility and it’s all natural.

Nature Republic | Sheet Mask : Korean Skincare is where it’s at !! One of my favorite places in NYC is Korea Town it’s only one block on 34th street but it is amazing. You will find everything there from karaoke lounges, Korean BBQ, Spas and Facemask Shops. Nature Republic one of Korea’s popular skincare brands has their own storefront. I’ve noticed that there are always deals on the face mask and they have a huge assortment for all skin concerns.

Kraser Comedeo Suction : I like to call this my pore vacuum. This device is a game changer, honestly you will be shocked at how much oil build up is just on your nose alone. If you struggle with oily skin or clogged pores like I do, you should definitely think about investing in this. Honestly it’s so hard to write about this, you honestly just have to get one and see for yourself.

Desert Essence Tea Tree Skin Ointment : Okay, so I was contemplating putting this product on here because I don’t use it very often. However this week,  two mountain like pimples decided to pop up on my face and for someone who struggled with severe acne for about 5-6 years of their life.When I get large breakouts it really puts down my self esteem. I put this ointment on the night after these pimples popped up and when I woke up the next morning they weren’t gone completely but the inflammation had gone down to almost flat.

I love trying new natural skincare products, do you have any products your swear by ?

Currently in August | College and Faith

Happy Monday Everyone !! I haven’t done a proper life update in a while so I thought it would be fun to just sit down today and type everything that’s going on in my life right now while listening to my favorite playlist on Spotify right now called “Chillin on a dirt road”.

Currently in August College and Faith

Reading… It’s not what you think by Jefferson Bethke
Trying… to stay consistent  with my content calendar it was going great the first week and then went downhill.
Eating… an hour ago I had my mom’s AMAZING pot pie !!
Drinking…  water and Pure Leaf Raspberry
Texting… my Internship Coordinator.
Going… to work in a few hours. Today is my Last Day !!
Loving… to sleep in recently.
Hating… how fast summer is flying by, but I am so excited for fall.

Hoping (for)… A great next semester.
Celebrating… Melissa’s engagement ! My friend Melissa got engaged last week and I am so happy for her.
Thanking…  God for continuing to bless me in so many ways this summer.
Starting… to pack to go back to school !
Finishing… up my book.  Any book recommendations ??



I leave to go back to College next Saturday. I am so excited to start this semester and while I will be sharing with you all my goals for this Semester at a later date. I thought I would share with you all my biggest goal for this Semester and it is getting on the Dean’s List. I know I can do it and with hard work,dedication, grit and focus I will be able to achieve this. I also will be the President of Club Caribbean at my School so I am so excited,to plan fun and awesome events for the students on campus. I am also going to be joining the Club Lacrosse Team, because I’ve been missing playing a sport in college and since it’s Club it is not as much of a time commitment as Varsity.


This summer has been a hard one, lots of people constantly tell me how much I have my life together and know what I want etc. Which sometimes irritates me because my life is not perfect this summer has been one of the hardest yet. On top of my busy schedule, I’ve been dealing with a lot of personal issues. That I will most likely address in the future, but I am not ready to do so right now. However what I did want to talk about was how much my Faith has grown this Summer. I feel like I have grown closer to God this Summer then ever before. He has helped me through many obstacles this summer and I normally don’t talk about religion on my blog. However this is a huge part of my life so it’s nothing to be ashamed about or taboo to talk about.




That’s it for now, I hope you all liked reading this post to learn a little bit more about me.



Preparing for the Fall Semester

23 more days ! That’s how many more days of Summer I have left, until my first semester of Sophomore year. It’ bittersweet because I love Summer so much it’s my favorite season ever ! However, I’m excited to go back and have an amazing semester. This semester my goal is to get 3.5 GPA, and by me boldly putting this on my blog, I am making sure this happens. It will take a lot of hours of studying and time management but it can be done.

Since I am no longer a freshmen I feel like I have some tips under my belt to have a successful semester. I hope these help you and everyone have a great fall semester.

Prepare for a Successful Fall Semester

  1. Get your textbooks !

See how I said “get” not BUY because as we all know textbooks are expensive. Don’t do it to yourself and spend $800 dollars on books. Rent, borrow or even photocopy textbooks you need. A lot of  professors don’t use textbooks cover to cover, so please to save money  and try to go with the cheapest alternative to getting your textbooks. Even if that means photocopying each chapter of the book at the library. If you get unlimited prints why not do it.

2. Start studying material for your classes !

I know this is not fun at all, but in reality you will be so happy you did it when you get a A on that first test. Take some time a few weeks before school starts and put aside 2-3 hours per day to review material. You will not only be doing something productive each day but you also will be ahead of the class on the first day.

3. Dorm Decor ! DIY & Buy !

I was recently looking online for some new pieces for my dorm room as well as took a nice trip to Target to see what they had. I definitely have some cute pieces that I will be getting but I also saw some pieces that I was just like “Ummm I could make that.” I think it’s important to not waste money when it comes to dorm shopping because stores will try to sell you items for 45 dollars that you can totally DIY.

4. Write important dates in your planner !

Most schools have an academic calendar on their site. Make sure to go on your schools to check for important dates like when campus is closed, any breaks you may have and finals week. It’s a lot easier to just have these dates in your planner in the beginning so  you don’t have to look for them later on in the semester.

5. Wake up earlier !

Another tip you will probably skip over but it will save you from being late on your first day of classes. A few weeks before school start waking up a little bit earlier each day so when you actually have to wake up on the first day you aren’t hitting snooze 1000 times.

6. Find your mantra & stick with it ! 

My mantra is actually inspired by my favorite blogger Carly from The College Prepster. Her mantra for this year is “All in”, so I decided to make my mantra for this semester “All In” as well , meaning everything I do is gonna be with 110 % effort and I will take any good opportunity that comes my way.

Have a great semester and achieve all that you can !