Journal One | Sophomore Year

4:33p.m. Thursday Afternoon, September 7th  – I decided I wanted to start doing “Journal Style” entries on my blog. Journaling has always been a part of my self-care routine because I love to talk and if I can’t express my feelings through talking, I have to express it through writing. We are approaching the end of the 2nd week of Sophomore year and I’ve cried twice but what’s new.  My classes have been great so far I am taking  Web Design & Production, Stats…again, Gender & Women’s Studies, US National Politics and News Writing. I can honestly say this semester I actually enjoy sitting in each one of my classes. My main focus this semester is to increase my GPA. I made it a goal to get a 3.5 or better and I will not stop grinding until it happens. I am taking News Writing with one of my close friends Nyela, and I love it, it’s always nice to have a friend in a class. All last week was so stressful for me because once freshmen year is over you don’t really get a syllabus week.

So I was doing full blown work the first week. However I’ve been studying so much and can definitely say it has paid off. The first week was extra stressful because I had to get  things finalized for events the club I am president of were doing that weekend. Needless to say the first week was hectic however I still managed to workout, eat right and turn in all my assignments on time so that’s a plus.

So it sounds like for the most part things are going great and yeah I can’t lie.  I have definitely been enjoying this year better then last year. However there has also been some unnecessary bs drama and I am trying to be stress free so I am gonna stay away from it. I also joined the Women’s lacrosse club and we are all hanging out tomorrow night at one the girls apartments so I am excited about that. My birthday is Saturday so I am excited to finally turn 19 ! Wow my last year being a teenager.

That’s it for this journal, I am not sure if I wanna do these every week or bi-weekly we’ll see. Whoever made it to the end thanks for reading.


Current Skincare Favorites

I’m all for the saying, Skincare first, Makeup second. I think it is so important to take care of your skin because the better your skin, the better your makeup application. So today I will be sharing with you all some of my Skincare Faves. I also wanted to mention that your skins appearance doesn’t just have to do with the topical products you put on it. It also has to do with your physical health, organ function and what you are putting into your body.

“Skin Care first, Makeup second”

Skincare Favorites


Mario Badescu | Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs & Rosewater : I love this product so much and I’m not even gonna lie, I was really skeptical to buy this because in all honesty I feel like sometimes people over-hype a lot of products. However I’ve been loving this facial spray I use it at the beach to cool down my face, I use it as a primer & setting spray and I also just sometimes randomly spray my face with it because it smells so good. I love this spray because I feel like it gives your skin a healthy everyday glow.

Trader Joe’s | Vitamin E Oil : If you are trying to fade dark marks/acne scars, look no further. I’ve struggled with acne scars since I got my first set of pimples in 6th grade, so trust me I definitely know which products are legit and which ones aren’t. Trust me a lot of those $70 dollar products don’t do anything. Vitamin E oil is great for helping these scars heal quicker and reduce visibility and it’s all natural.

Nature Republic | Sheet Mask : Korean Skincare is where it’s at !! One of my favorite places in NYC is Korea Town it’s only one block on 34th street but it is amazing. You will find everything there from karaoke lounges, Korean BBQ, Spas and Facemask Shops. Nature Republic one of Korea’s popular skincare brands has their own storefront. I’ve noticed that there are always deals on the face mask and they have a huge assortment for all skin concerns.

Kraser Comedeo Suction : I like to call this my pore vacuum. This device is a game changer, honestly you will be shocked at how much oil build up is just on your nose alone. If you struggle with oily skin or clogged pores like I do, you should definitely think about investing in this. Honestly it’s so hard to write about this, you honestly just have to get one and see for yourself.

Desert Essence Tea Tree Skin Ointment : Okay, so I was contemplating putting this product on here because I don’t use it very often. However this week,  two mountain like pimples decided to pop up on my face and for someone who struggled with severe acne for about 5-6 years of their life.When I get large breakouts it really puts down my self esteem. I put this ointment on the night after these pimples popped up and when I woke up the next morning they weren’t gone completely but the inflammation had gone down to almost flat.

I love trying new natural skincare products, do you have any products your swear by ?

Currently in July

Today is a beautiful day in NYC today. It’s sunny,warm and just how I like my summer days. Recently NYC has been getting weird random thunderstorms in the middle of the day. However today I thought it would be fun to do a Currently in post so you all can see what I’ve been up to lately.



Reading… I am Malala by Malala Yousafzai
Trying… to have as many productive days as possible so I don’t feel bad when all I want to do is lay in bed and watch Netflix.
Eating… nothing at the moment but I will probably make breakfast soon.
Drinking…  Water and Matcha, I have become obsessed with Matcha as of the end of June.
Texting… the Beach Babes groupchat ( I bet you can now tell my love for the beach is real)
Going… no where as of the moment
Loving… my Q&A a day 5 – year journal, it’s so much fun to answer a question everyday.
Hating… how fast summer is flying by, I feel once July 4th passes summer is dwindling down.

Feeling… tired most of the time, my job and internship take up a lot of my time with little sprinkles of fun in between

Hoping (for)… A great next semester.
Celebrating… My cousins birthday is tomorrow !!
Thanking…  God for continuing to bless me in so many ways this summer.
Starting… My blog post for the week, are there any posts you want to see from me ?
Finishing… up this post and then on to the next one. haha !!

PLAID . PLAID . and more…… PLAID

I bought this scarf and knew from the moment I put it on, that it would be a staple in my fall 2015 wardrobe. This blanket scarf is from target and it’s such high quality, warm  and versatile accessory. I think this outfit is perfect for fall, and definitely demonstrates how basics can create a very simple but chic look.




Grey Shift Dress : LOFT

Faux Leather Jacket  : Forever 21

Plaid Blanket Scarf : Target

Ostrich Textured Satchel : Just Fab

Black Booties : Target

Currently in October

Happy Monday Guys , so today I thought I would do a currently in my life so let’s just jump right into this.

october collage

Reading… Paper Towns  by John Green 
Trying… to get better at time management
Eating… pretty good I am back on track and happy about

Drinking…  Water and Tea with the occasional apple juice

Texting… the editor and chief of the magazine I work for
Going… to Starbucks right now because I haven’t had it in 2 weeks
Loving… the amount of fun I had this past weekend at generation beauty
Hating…  the amount of stress I am under varsity volleyball, and AP class and College Apps is not a good idea
Feeling… A little stressed but overall content with my life and thankful for all the amazing opportunities god has brought into my life
Hoping (for)… God to help me make a lot of important decisions this year
Celebrating… Generation Beauty NYC this past weekend
Thanking…  God for being healthy and happy
Starting… to run down my to do list lots of stuff to do today
Finishing… up the blog post for the rest of this week

Generation Beauty NYC Day One | 2015

So this weekend I was evented by the amazing IPSY team, to the first ever Generation Beauty in NYC . I was so honored to be a part of this amazing event, so I thought I would recap it day by day. So day 1 consisted of a INVITE ONLY cocktail party at the Hudson Terrace on Friday night,  which can I say is an absolutely gorgeous venue. I had so much fun and they had the best DJ , like if I ever have a party he has to be there. I also got to catch up with some of amazing friends as well as meet some new one’s as well.


Dress and Bralette : Necessary Clothing Booties : Target






I had so much fun last night and once again Thank you to the amazing IPSY team for inviting me I had such an amazing time , come back tomorrow to see day 2.


image1 (4)

I am having a tea date because I am writing this post at 10 at night and coffee wouldn’t be the smartest thing right now. I am currently sipping on Chamomile Mint BIgelow Tea and eating watermelon, which is such a great way to end my night.

Today is the last day of September as well as the last post in the blog-tember challenge. So I started my blog back in January, and it was very hard for me to stay on top of blogging because I was so focused on my YouTube channel. I blogged on and off during that time, but when I saw that one of my favorite bloggers Bailey Jean Robert created this amazing challenge I decided to try it.  It’s a fact that if you continuously do something for 21 days it will become a habit, so because I wanted to make this a priority in my life, I decided this challenge would be a great step towards it.

I was surprised at myself for actually following through with this challenge and doing almost every single day. I can’t wait to see what this blog has in store for me before the year is up, but I am so glad that I started being more active on here. Stay tuned next month for some awesome blog post and thank you all for sticking with me through this amazing experience.


Ohhh September how you came and went so fast , September has honestly taught me how fast time actually does go by. Before I know it,  I am going to be up on that stage in June getting my high school diploma.  So let’s now reflect on my goals for September lets just say, most of these goals definitely weren’t accomplished but I tried.


  1. Read 3 Books, this goal was very hard to achieve this month because most of my spare time was used completing homework and trying to finish my college apps.
  2. Complete the whole Blog-tember Challenge, I am allowing my self to cross off this goal because even though I didn’t complete the whole challenge I still did 20 out of the 30 posts, As well as posting 24 times.
  3. Visit 3 Colleges I am applying too, I didn’t visit 3 but I did visit one school SUNY New Paltz you can check out my post of my day trip up to the school.
  4. Finish all my College Writing Supplements and Applications, okay yeah this was kind of a fail I am almost done with most of them but this was kind of put on the back burner, because I had to adjust back into the routine of school.
  5. Actually Celebrate my 17th birthday,  I am crossing this off because I actually did get to hangout with a group of my best friends but we didn’t do anything spectacular.
  6. Take my first Soul Cycle class, this didn’t happen for two reasons one I was still adjusting to school and two I am still a bit nervous.

Okay so I got 3 out of 6 goals completed this month, I am very happy about that. I am going to continue prioritizing and making sure to get these done. Check back tomorrow for my October Goals  !


Since starting this amazing blogging challenge it has really showed me how much I enjoy blogging and made me wonder why I didn’t start earlier. Today is the second to last day of the Blog-tember Challenge which means its a new month and new posts.

Today’s Prompt : Write your own list of 10 blog topics to inspire us next month


  1. Your Perfect Fall Outfit
  2. Go too Fall/Halloween Events in your Area
  3. October Goals
  4. Life Update , what are you up too ?
  5. How to De-Stress after a long week
  6. Day in your life
  7. Fall Fashion Must Haves
  8. Plan with me | Week Edition
  9. October Music Playlist
  10. Go to fall drink and Why ?


September 2015 Wishlist
Today’s Prompt : What’s on your wish list ?
Black Hunter Boots because I have never owned a pair of rain boots, and really just need a cute but quality pair.
Blanket Scarf because they are honestly so comfortable and obviously in black, because it goes with everything.
iPhone 6s umm does this even need an explanation , it’s just to beautiful not to have.
Nude Lace Up Heels I saw one of my favorite fashion bloggers with these on and instantly fell in love.
Coral Vineyard Vines Shirt Vineyard Vines is one of my favorite brands and these shirts are perfect for a chilly fall night.
Asics Running Sneakers I am hoping to start a 30 day running challenge next month that will lead into me regularly running and a good pair of sneakers is important.
S’well Water Bottle Who wouldn’t want a water bottle that keeps your water cold for 24 hours !
Alex and Ani Love Bracelet because I only have one Alex and Ani and I think they just have the cutest charms.
Rifle Paper Co Phone Case because I mean who can pass up this beautiful case.
Dot & Bo Essential Oil Diffuser because I love essential oils and are constantly using them.