May NYC BBG Meetup 2016

WOW GUYS ! I just realized I haven’t done a BBG Meetup Recap since December, so I’m so happy to be bringing you all a recap of yesterdays meetup.As most of you know the meetup starts bright & early at 7:30am, yesterday I was really struggling to get out of bed but I did it ! Lately I haven’t been going to sleep as early as I would like too so my sleep schedule is all messed up.May NYC BBG Meetup - Kayla Itines

Once I got to the meetup I chatted to a few friends strapped on my ankle weights and killed that workout. I definitely have to say, that was one of the hardest meetup workouts I’ve ever done. But I think the ankle weights, was what really added to the intensity it definitely added a challenge and made some of the more simple moves challenging. Anyone into fitness and looking for a challenge go get ankle weights they will change your life. Another good thing about ankle weights is that they double as wrist weights for arm day. Both myself and my two awesome friends Sam (left) & Chrissy (middle) all wore ankle weights during the workout !

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Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

I also got to hangout and meet a whole bunch of awesome insta friends that I have been talking to online for months. Its honestly so surreal when you can meet online friends in real life and its crazy to think that almost everyone that was in the room met through instagram ! I got to meet these cuties from @amsweat on instagram , these ladies are so sweet and have incredible athleisure style. Some people are doubting it, but Athleisure is a style and these two are absolutely killing it ! I need to step up my game, because like 9/10 my workout outfits don’t even match !! HAHA

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Me, Nessa (left) and Caroline (right)


After the killer workout and tons of photos, I got back on the subway to go home !! I had such Β a great time at the meetup yesterday and it definitely started my Sunday off on the right foot. Next month Kayla is coming for her NYC Bootcamp who will I see there ?!

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December NYC BBG Meetup 2015

Wow what a morning, I can’t believe today was the last NYC BBG Meetup for 2015. The pasts five months that the NYC BBG Meetups have been happening has flown by and each one has gotten better and better. This meetup was the biggest yet with over 100 girls coming from all over the country to get some #deathbybrooke, but it turned out to actually be #deathbykayla. YES KAYLA ITINES HERSELF !! Most girls woke up at 5:00am to be on time some even 4:00am , so yes you can see our dedication to this amazing community and program. Like who do you know that wakes up that early on a Sunday to workout ?


This was everyone’s reaction when Kayla surprised everyone at the meetup !

Most of us had a feeling Kayla was coming but the host wanted to keep it a surprise, but ohh boy was it a surprise click here to watch everyone’s reaction when Kayla walked in. Everything about this meetup was amazing from meeting Instagram friends I have wanted to met for months. To catching up with old friends I haven’t seen in a while, this amazing community brings together some of the sweetest and inspiring people you will ever meet,who are all working towards similar goals. I work hard at ever meetup and during all my workouts but having Kayla there made me push myself even more. I barely stopped when I felt like I was dying because I wanted to show myself its all mental you can do it, don’t let your mind tell you, you can’t do any more. I want to give a huge thank you to Kayla, all the sponsors, the beautiful and amazing organizers I am lucky enough to call my friends and, my BBG squad for being the fitness partners I have always wanted! Waking up at 5:00am P.S earlier than I wake up for school is always worth it when I get to hangout with the BBG girls.


After some serious #deathbykayla most of us headed over to brunch and Kayla joined us as well. It was so great to actually get to sit down with her and talk, she is such a funny,sweet and genuine person and if you ever get the chance to meet her you will totally agree with me on that statement. The food was delicious because I mean when is it not, I had such an amazing time today and I can’t wait for the next one, January 17th where you at ?


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November BBG Meetup 2015

Last Sunday was the November NYC BBG Meetup, and as most of my followers know I have been going to these since the very first one in August and I love them. I got to meet a lot of new people and of course see my lovely #bbgsisters. I am so glad that this community gave me the ability to meet some of the amazing friends I have. The next meetup is on December 13th and you can find more info here.





So this past weekend was another one of the monthly BBG Meetups in NYC. Like always it was a lot of fun and I can’t believe in November it will be our 5th NYC bbg meetup. I got to see some of my amazing friends and meet new ones as well and we obviously had brunch after. Since the cold weather is approaching fast, this meetup was actually indoors instead of outside. However we still went to the rooftop of the building to freeze our butts off, for a few minutes to take pictures !





I love these girls so much and it’s crazy for me to think that if it wasn’t for BBG I would have never met these amazing and hardworking girls.


So today a couple of my bbg sisters and I met up for a workout in Astoria Park. It was a lot of fun and Β definitely a great start to my day. This meetup was small, but our big NYC Meetup is next weekend so if you want to get in a good sweat, early in the morning click here for more info. So like every meetup it starts bright and early and always ends with food. I also had my first acai bowl and I loved it so much !!

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