Journal Two | Weekend in Lake Placid

11:45a.m. Thursday Morning, September 21st, Today has been a great day so far and I think so because I had a great weekend . Saturday my friend Deja and I went to Lake Placid to go to the GAP Outlet. I really wanted to get off campus for the weekend and was such an amazing day. The drive there and back was absolutely beautiful, we were surrounded by so much fall foliage and incredible mountains.


There is so much to do in Lake Placid, from visiting the Olympics site,Whiteface Mountain, Kayaking, SUP and amazing desserts. We went to Emma’s Creamery and had amazing ice cream. I had the peanut butter cookie dough flavor and I’ve never had anything like it ! It was delicious !


Small towns have the best ice cream !



I thought this place was so cute, it reminded me of  a mini Chelsea Market !! Deja and I ended up eating an early dinner at one of the restaurants called Eleanor’s Pasta Kitchen. It was delicious, and just the right amount of food.


Overall, last Saturday was a lot of fun and super chill. I love Saturdays  where I can spend it relaxing and leisurely . Being the President of a Club and a Student-Athlete having weekends free is rarely the case, so I truly appreciated this little adventure. I can’t wait to go back to Lake Placid during the winter, because I know it’s gonna be even more beautiful.


7 Places I Want to Travel to in 2017

I have a few places that I want to visit this year and I’m so excited to make these into realities. I think traveling is so important to experience other places and cultures. As well as giving yourself relaxation time from work or school. I’m so  happy that I have almost 4 full months off for summer. While I’m applying for internships, I hope to also spend a great amount of my weekends off making memories.

With all that being said here are the 7 places I definitely want to visit this year:

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Fire Island //  Oh how I love this place ! Fire Island is such an amazing place to go for a beach getaway that’s not to far from NYC. It does include a train & ferry ride but once you’re there it feels like you are thousands of miles from the city. As most of you know I was born & raised in NYC and still live there till this day. I love the city but as much as everyone else I need a break from it sometimes, which is why FI is a great escape. A few friends and I are planning to stay for a week this summer. I’m hoping everyone’s schedule allows for us to stay a week. However even if its a weekend it will still be great to be back on this beautiful and peaceful island.

Coachella // Coachella has always been the first music festival I’ve wanted to attend. Since the line up this year is especially killer because the one and only Queen B is gonna be there I would love to go. This is a far reach being that Coachella is around 3 months away and I don’t have a ticket or money to buy one, but hey a girl can dream.

Washington D.C // My mom and I were discussing a few months ago on how we want to visit the National Museum of African American History and Culture. I have read so much about the museum and the different exhibits that they have. I can’t wait to go and learn more about African American Culture throughout the different parts of the U.S .

LA // One of my amazing friends is moving out to LA this summer to start college and I can’t explain how proud I am of her. She is such a hardworking girl and truly deserves all the blessings she has. I would love to go visit her later on this year around September or October when she is all settled in, so I will definitely try to make this one of my priority trips this year.

North Carolina // I have a lot of family that lives in North Carolina and I haven’t been in years so I would love to make that trip down there to visit everyone. I think this may end up turning into two trips because I also want to go to visit my cousin who goes to college there as well. Most likely for homecoming weekend because her school goes all out.

Nantucket // Another Island I want to visit this year. I absolutely love the beach and I’ve heard so many great things about Nantucket. I would love to visit to see what all the hype is about. Even though I know I’ll love it, I’ve seen tons of photos of Nantucket and everything about it is absolutely gorgeous.

Fire Island for the Day

Yesterday marked my last Saturday in the city before I head upstate to college and I couldn’t have asked for a better day. One of my best friends Livia had the awesome idea to go to Fire Island for the day.

Our day started off by catching the 8:45am train at Penn Station to Bayshore. Once we got to Bayshore we got on a Davids taxi to the Fire Island Ferry. We got on the 10am ferry and got to Ocean beach at around 10:30am. We automatically walked to the beach, Ocean Beach is such a cute beach town and when I got off the boat I felt like I was at home !

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Also can we talk about how its not required to wear shoes or pants ! You can literally walk around the town in a bikini. At one point during the day I was just walking around in a t shirt and bikini bottom like seriously that’s my type of town.



Shoutout to Livia for bringing her Polaroid to capture some really cute moments. I really need to buy a Polaroid so that I can take it with me when I travel.


We went to some of the shops to pick up these cute friendship bracelets, so that we would never forget this amazing trip. I’m so glad I got to end my summer in such an amazing place with great people.


Hana and I sitting on the beach testing out the camera. I’m so happy about the quality of these pictures none of them have a filter.




Can we talk about this sunset, if you’ve been following me for a while you would know my obsession with sunsets. Like in all seriousness friends & even my mom  told me that I should start an Instagram dedicated to sunsets. This sunset definitely didn’t disappoint.




I love Fire Island because I feel so at home there, I cant wait to come back next summer and with that being said bye Summer’16 you were definitely one to remember.

Here is a little montage I put together of our day :

Weekend in New York and Connecticut

I started off this month with 2 quick trips to Plattsburgh, New York and Hamden, Connecticut. I was invited up to SUNY Plattsburgh from 4/1 -4/2 to stay over in there dorms hangout with a student host and really let me experience the #plattslife before I make my final decision May 1st on where I will be going to college. I had a great time there hanging out with my student host as well as learning more about what Plattsburgh has to offer both academic and social wise. I made a lot of awesome friends on this trip and it was a amazing experience.

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I got home from Plattsburgh at around 6:30pm on Saturday and Sunday at 8:00 I was on the Metro-North headed up to Hamden,Connecticut.I visited Quinnipiac University and they have one of the most beautiful campuses I have ever seen. I loved the school so much and they have a great public relation program which is what I am majoring in.

IMG_5413IMG_5399IMG_5408 (1)IMG_5396IMG_5403

Overall I had a great time visiting colleges last weekend, and stay tune in May for my announcement on where I will be going to school.

blog ending


Wow I can’t believe September is almost over, I can’t wait for October. I have a lot planned and it is going to be one eventful month. So yesterday I took a trip up to the wonderful Hudson Valley, and spent the day in New Paltz , New York.  I went to Visit SUNY New Paltz and if you are not familiar with what that is, it is a University. I thought since Sunday was an eventful day and Monday would be spent at school that I would just share with you all my trip to New Paltz.

I woke up at 8:00 because I had to be at the Metro North  Station by 9:34 and I move pretty slow in the morning. Can I also just point out how perfect the weather was not to cold but not to hot either.




Outfit Details | Jacket : Forever 21

Shirt : Target

Jeans: Levi’s

Boots : Shoegasm

Purse: Longchamp

Sunglasses: Rayban


Finally at around 12:30 pm we arrived at SUNY New Paltz for an info session and tour.




We headed back down to NYC at around 4:50 pm